What sets us Apart

When there are so many J2EE frameworks available in the market, what really sets Celeritas apart from all those is its flexibility to suit the needs of a generic Development team. The speed with which it can deliver the best performing Enterprise Applications and smallest learning curve. What also sets it apart is the fact that it really makes developers life easy by taking care of many repeatitive complex task at hand. In fact Celeritas is so simple that even a Web Developer can create Enterprise applications without writing a single line of code. He can completely concentrate on writing beautiful looking html templates and embed them with Celeritas to make it a working application. Although a major usage guide is available in Usage page, here we will discuss some outstanding features that will set the tone of Celeritas.

Look Ups

Look ups are some constant values used across programs to generate Drop Down boxes or choices. For e.g. Weekdays, Marital Options, Yes/No/May Be questions etc. Or most of the time there are application specific Look ups like Types of items, Groups etc. Celeritas handles them very intelligently and takes the pain away from Developers. It is handled in two ways, i.e.
  1. Instant Look Ups
  2. DB Look Ups


Well to keep things simple, all xml file in Celeritas follows the SUN property file convention. What is more important here is to understand how to create a instant look up and how will it be used.
This was one simple entry in celeritas-ilu-xml file. This will create a HashMap object named week_days and make it available in the page context whenever it is invoked in the url like ilu=week_days. What celeritas will do from its own is to provide another variable with the name week_days_options (string) for free to be used in <select> html tags.


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