About Instant Lookups

Instant Lookups are those instant values that you want to refer between many pages but are not important enough to be kept in the database. I am talking about those small lookups like weekdays, marital status which cannot be regulated or doesn't need to be changed or managed often. Celeritas provides an interesting mechanism to deal with them, you need to describe them in celeritas-ilu.xml file. You can name this file anything you want, but than just don't forget to keep the new name in web.xml If you are not planning to renaming this file than feel free to ignore this entry in web.xml to keep the size down. Celeritas make use of intelligent defaults.


Well to keep things simple, all xml file in Celeritas follows the SUN property file convention. What is more important here is to understand how to create a instant look up and how will it be used.
                <entry key="week_days">1:Sunday,2:Monday,3:Tuesday,4:Wednesday,5:Thursday,6:Friday,7:Saturday</entry>
This was one simple entry in celeritas-ilu-xml file. This will create a HashMap object named week_days and make it available in the page context whenever it is invoked in the url like ilu=week_days. What celeritas will do from its own is to provide another variable with the name week_days_options (string) for free to be used in <select> html tags.


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