Please note that this page will not give you introduction about Maven or how to use maven. There are many other tutorials available on the web which does this better. Here the discussion will be specific to installing latest Celeritas distributables in your Maven repository.

Installing Celeritas in Maven Repository

Till celeritas get due recognition, this distributable may not find its place in public Maven repository. So you need to install it manually in order to use it. Its not tough to do that with Maven here is an easy step for you. Unzip in a local folder and goto command prompt and execute the following command with the proper folder path of the celeritas jar. Please make sure you change value of -Dfile to match the exact path where you have unzipped the file. -Dversion to the exact version of the downloaded jar. -DpomFile should hold the exact path to celeritas pom.xml (you will find it in project distribution) You can ignore the last time if you dont find one and still able to do the rest, the only drawback of that would be that you need to add all other dependencies manually.
                    mvn install:install-file -Dfile=celeritas-archetype-xxx.jar \
                         -DgroupId=com.rc.celeritas \
                         -DartifactId=celeritas-archetype \
                         -Dversion=0.1 \
                         -Dpackaging=jar \


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